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5 Must Have Makeup Brushes For Beginners

March 25, 2018

While I feel your fingers are the best tool to apply makeup, there are certain makeup brushes you need if you are getting started with makeup. To ensure a flawless finish and less product wastage, here are my top 5 makeup brushes to invest your money on if you are a beginner –



  1. Large Fluffy Brush – I believe you can best apply foundation with the warmth of your fingers and you surely do not require any makeup sponge or brush to apply and blend the foundation into your skin, but to apply loose powder or compact, you do need a big fluffy brush. Just dip the brush into the pot and swirl it around on your face. The large head of the brush covers the whole face and you can set your base in no time.
  2. Blush Brush – This brush is absolutely necessary if you want a flush of color on your cheeks. I personally like to use my stippling brush to apply blush as it deposits the color at just the right place and no where else.
  3. Angular Brush – Now who doesn’t want their eyebrows on fleek? An angular brush will define your brows with ease and can be used to apply gel liner as well.
  4. Smudge Brush/Pencil Brush – Want easy peasy smokey eye look? Just apply some Kajal or any eye pencil on the lids and smudge it using the smudge brush. Or brighten the inner corners of your eyes by adding a hint of shimmery eye shadow. The small size of the brush makes it possible to reach the inner corners of the eyes with great precision. 
  5. Eye Shadow Blending Brush – It is easy to apply eye shadow with your fingers but to blend it and to make sure it doesn’t look harsh or uneven, you require a blending brush. 

That is all for today. I hope this post helps you to kick start your collection 🙂 

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